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Save time and money by managing your account any time from anywhere


Billing &


Alerts & Notifications


Paperless Billing


ATTENTION Auto Pay Members

If you previously were using automatic payments with us you will need to re-enter your payment information.

Use the instructions below to quickly get your account registered and set up for Auto Pay.


  • Register your account in our new SmartHub system. You can register through the Web Portal or register through our Mobile App.

  • After registering your account use the web portal or mobile app to re-setup Auto Pay on your account.


  • Log in to SmartHub web portal.

  • From the home screen click on Billing & Payments menu.

  • From the Billing & Payments screen click on the Auto Pay Program sub-menu.

  • Click on Sign Up for Auto Pay and follow the instructions on the screen.


  • Log in to the mobile app.

  • From the main screen click on Bill & Pay at the bottom of the screen.

  • Tap on the Auto Pay Program sub-menu and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • If you have questions or experience any issues we are here to help. You can contact us with your questions.

Latest News


Here is some important steps to take when we launch SmartHub on 12/4/23.

  • Account number: Use your account number to register for SmartHub. You can find your account number on your monthly bill.

  • Register for your online account: We recently had a system upgrade that requires all of our members who have online accounts to register again. The new system greatly increases the amount of information you have access to with regards to your account, including your energy daily, and hourly energy usage.

  • Update your online payment options: If you previously were using automatic payments with us you will need to re-enter your payment information. You can do this once you register for your online account.

Introducing SmartHub


How can SmartHub help you
control your account?


Our SmartHub web portal or mobile app will keep you informed and show you where to save time and money on your bills. 

Billing & Payments: No more waiting for your bill to arrive in the mail, access your bill at any time from anywhere. Save time with easy payment options to avoid service interruptions.

Alerts & Notifications: No need to wait on hold to get your questions answered or pay your bill. Stay informed on important account events via email or text messages. Receive the information you need to make the right decisions about your account.

Paperless Billing: What if you could save some time and a tree at the same time? Activate SmartHub paperless billing, an eco-friendly way to instantly access your bill.

SmartHub gives you complete control over your account by giving you the tools that deliver the right information at the right time so you can make the right decisions about your account.

Getting started with SmartHub is as easy as 1-2-3!

As you work down this page, you’ll complete the following checklist and be on your way to managing your account like never before! Make payments, report service interruptions, monitor usage, and save the planet.


Register your SmartHub account

Whether through our web portal or mobile app you can register your account for free in SmartHub

Activate the features you want

Take advantage of features like notifications, Auto Pay, and Paperless Billing to have more control over your account

Manage your account anytime from anywhere

The more features you take advantage of the more time and money you can save!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the mobile app secure?


Yes. All critical information is encrypted in every transaction run and no personal information is stored on your phone or tablet.


Mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If you choose to store your login information, any person who has access to your mobile device can access your account.

What is the difference between the SmartHub web portal and mobile app?


Both platforms are part of our online account management system for members.


Both the web version and mobile app allow you to securely access their account information, change your personal information, manage notifications, update stored payment methods, view bills and payment history, make payments, and report issues.


The free, secure mobile app is available to download and install on mobile devices and tablets.

Do I have to use SmartHub to pay my bill?


No. You can take advantage of all the features of SmartHub or you can continue to pay your bill as you currently do.

We will be accepting payments via telephone, mail, lobby, drop box, etc. Payments will not post to your account until the new system is in place.

Can I manage and make payments on multiple accounts with SmartHub?

Yes. SmartHub shows all of your accounts, along with the amounts due for those accounts. You may make a payment to a single account or multiple accounts from both the website and mobile app.

How current is the account information in the app or website?


The information you see in the app and on the website is shown in real-time.

However, if you keep your app or web version open for an extended time, you should refresh the page by selecting a new option in order to ensure the information is current.

How do I avoid being scammed by another party when being asked about SmartHub and my new account number?


Please know that throughout this communication process, we will never call or email you to ask for credit card numbers, bank account routing numbers or any other type of personal information.

If you do receive such communication from someone claiming to be a our Employee, please report it to us

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